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 The Focus 

Azorte Reliance F&L wanted to establish a mid-premium, firmly Indian fashion brand that anticipated and benefited from fast-fashion trends.

would offer an enhanced omnichannel shopping experience complete with technological advancements integrated at various touchpoints and personalization.

I asked Defos Design’s team to come up with a name, logo, and visual identity that reflected the brand’s futurism, fashion consciousness, and innovative tech interventions.


    Retail shop counter design

    The group came up with the memorable moniker “Azorte,” which symbolized the infinite variety of fashion that customers would encounter in both their online and offline environments.

    Additionally, we created the incredibly versatile and ownable “O-dash” logo-motif, which can be applied to billboards, stationery, and a wide range of packaging and marketing formats.

    Beyond its products, Azorte is unique because of the team’s insistence on using Deep Teal—a color that appeals—as the ownable brand color.



      The Story 

      Given India’s rapidly expanding middle class and manufacturing prowess, the country’s fashion industry is and will continue to flourish. India’s apparel market is expected to be the sixth largest in the world in 2022, with a McKinsey estimate of $59.3 billion. In this constantly growing market, over 300 global fashion brands have released their products. Local firms are leveling the playing field by offering comparable prices, improved quality, and other advantages that take advantage of India’s thriving textile sector and its customs.

      This also applies to fast fashion. India’s population is largely youthful and has a lot of potential for the workforce, as evidenced by the country’s 2022 median age of 28 years. They also have different consumption patterns; the days of frugal spending and self-indulgent lifestyles are long gone, and instead they indulge in fast fashion, which comes in a plethora of styles, trends, and personalization options that offer endless aesthetic possibilities.

      Reliance F&L observed that customers were not choosing foreign brands. Since buying high-quality products with Indian origins was becoming more accepted and proud, why not establish an Indian mass-premium fast-fashion brand that offered a better in-store experience while competing with foreign labels?

      Taking advantage of this chance, they contacted the Defos Design team to create a visual identity, name, and logo that were suitable for the brand. Other factors to take into account included how to set themselves apart from competing brands with a better, more technologically advanced omnichannel experience and a personalized touch to go along with their fast-fashion selections.

      Infinite Assortment  

      Fast fashion carries a lot of meaning. After going beyond common connotations with quickly evolving fashions, styles, and adaptability, we arrived at the idea of “assortment.” This is in line with the brand’s aim to offer India’s youthful, modern consumer a variety of clothes and associated experiences, which brings us to the distinctive, stylish “Azorte.”

      In terms of fashion, azore represents the start, the finish, and everything in between. It stands for the brand’s pledge to offer a full range of products for men, women, and kids, including clothing, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics. Additionally, it represents infinity because Azorte is always searching for new trends to apply to all of the sub-brands that fall under their purview.

      Azorte reliance

      The group produced a recognizable, adaptable logo and central motif that can only be referred to as the “O-dash.” It is a circular element with great flexibility. The examples we offer demonstrate how it could be used in a variety of media, applications, brand campaigns, and other contexts.

      Here, it can stand for what’s new and fresh at the center of a flower, change into a hoop-and-ball to draw in sports fans, or even take its proper place behind the widely used smartphone camera, which is frequently used to highlight one’s aspirational, fashion-forward lifestyle. O-dash patterns can be combined subtly with organic elements or utilized as monochromatic elements.

      The component shines in Azorte’s technologically driven, customization-driven in-store shopping experience as well. There’s a place for the Azorte motif everywhere, from section fixtures to gift boxes, paper bags to wooden hangers. It blends in, but when called upon, it pops.

      Finally, there is nothing like the motif’s use for digital content, from campaigns to comfortably fitting inside our mostly circular user interfaces. Here, we see its application for holiday marketing campaigns on a variety of screens, including tablets and smartphones. The brand name and flexible logo both relate to the overall theme and convey this feeling of variety.


      Beyond Hues and Conventions 

      Finally, in an oversaturated market, the team wanted to use a color that was recognizable. At the end of the process, we decided on the stunning yet sublime shade of deep teal, which stood out among more category-friendly reds, blacks, golds, and whites—or the more recently stressed pinks and yellows. Given that this was a cutting-edge brand that needed to break free from traditional norms, we also chose a color that is genuinely gender-neutral, returning to our original idea of “assortment,” which guarantees variety for everyone living under this technologically advanced roof.


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